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3. Isn't design expensive?
2. Does every job need design drawings?
No. We work with clients regularly who know what they want and their layout works. However, some projects are more complicated and require design services to be sure you get the best possible final product.
1. Why is a licensed designer or an architect important?
A licensed designer or architect has the skills and training to solve your design problems effectively and beautifully. They are trained in the art and engineering of designing spaces to meet human needs. As a result, they are skilled at solving design problems with inventive ideas.

An architect or designer can help shape your options before you start spending money because they are familiar with applicable building codes and zoning regulations. They can also furnish a set of drawings that allows several contractors to submit competitive bids.

4. How does the design process work?
No, especially when it pays for itself. By providing your contractor with an accurate picture of what you want, they are able to provide more accurate pricing. Very often contractors need to pad their estimates to cover unknowns. Design drawings minimize or eliminate the unknowns.
At our first meeting we will discuss your needs and wants. We'll interview you about how you envision using the new space, discuss possible design solutions and construction concerns, and measure the space. Once drawings are ready, we'll meet again to discuss and review the preliminary design. We'll revise the drawings and meet again until the drawings are ready for permitting or an estimate.
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