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Green Remodeling Ideas

1. One way to reduce your remodeling costs in the City of Madison: install a super-efficient toilet. Contact us to find out more about the City's limited-time rebate offer!

2. Pre-planning is essential to completing any successful project. As you begin to think about your next remodeling project, we recommend that you create a list of features you need or want in your new room. Be creative! It's important to consider as much as you can, from appliances to light fixtures, in advance. This will help define your budget and prevent hasty decisions during your project.

3. Lower your energy costs, earn cash rebates on repairs. Have an Energy Audit performed through Reliable Renovations. Prioritize your repair and renovation needs to save money and make your home more comfortable. Contact us to find out more about home performance audits.

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Website Links:

Cost Vs. Value, Madison use this website for return on investment. Ignore the "Job Cost", the "Resale Value" column is closer to the actual average remodel cost here in Madison (at least the costs that we tend to charge).

Green Home Remodel Guides
Developed by the city of Seattle, WA, the guides contain helpful hints on materials and strategies to create a home that is healthy, saves money, and is easy on the environment.

The ReGreen Guidelines
Intended to increase understanding of sustainable renovation practices and benefits.

City of Madison, Building Department Information on Zoning and Building Premits. While we handle this aspect of the job for you, it's helpful to understand what is required for your project.

City of Madison, Assessor Property Information Assessment and tax information for Madison properties - any property. You can use this website to compare your home value to other homes on your block.

Countertops - Choosing a Material

Bathroom Ideas
Here's a comprehensive resource if you're contemplating remodeling your bathroom. Read up on bathroom vanities, bathroom fixtures, bathroom designs and more!

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We hope the tips and links below provide you with helpful information and ideas for your next project.

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