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In 2003, my wife and I sold our row house in Philadelphia and quit our jobs as architect and mechanical engineer to pursue a less stressful, more sustainable life in the midwest. We chose Madison because of it's proximity to organic food, great cycling and bike commuting, reputable universities, winter sports and beautiful lakes.

When developing our business model we knew we wanted to provide the truly professional service we had both learned in our "previous lives." There are too many good craftsmen that don't return phone calls or complete jobs satisfactorily. We wanted to provide what customers pay for and expect - an excellent product and professional service at a reasonable price. We want our customers to enjoy the experience as much as the results.

We try very hard to make our life choices as sustainable as possible, and that applies to our business as well. Some of green things we do that you wouldn't necessarily notice are:

  • our 2001 truck is the most fuel efficient pick-up on the market, still
  • interior paints and coatings are no v.o.c. first, low v.o.c. second
  • caulks, sealants and glues are ecofriendly and excellent performers
  • metal and cardboard waste is separated and recycled
  • non-treated wood scrap is reused as firewood
  • reusable items are donated to Re-store or "free stuff" on Craig's List
  • new drywall scrap is donated to farmers for soil amendment
  • we use recycled content office supplies, Energy Star office equipment and rechargeable batteries in our tools and camera
  • we support our Madison and Wisconsin communities by sourcing locally and regionally produced services and products as often as possible
  • our self-imposed continuing education program keeps us up to date on code requirements, new products, best practices, improved building methods, sustainability standards, etc.

Learn more about Rob, who manages and works on every project.

Visit our testimonials page to see what our customers think of our work.

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